That's what Dofus signature should have been

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That's what Dofus signature should have been

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Dofus touch gets fuck all updates too. Been like 2 years and you got some extra MTX for QoL so they can take money from you, and just this dungneon rush thing or whatever the fuck it is. Over 2 decades and virtually no actual content developed. Pc gets big updates every three months.Why play a Dofus Kamas game that you know has no future due to the lack of programmers allowed to provide it a long time with fresh content. If you want a mobile MMO just play osrs. Highly optimized cellular game with minimal lag, servers, no bullshit mobile microtransactions are sinked into the computer Version so that you may switch between the two effortlessly. That's what Dofus signature should have been.

Most of the people I've met in Dofus Touch just can not manage to cover the subscription, or just like the older version better. They've all used to get 200 chars to degree on Dofus. I have asked them what they miss about PC. Some responded"Nothing really, I like it better", though some others miss the Eliotrope class. It means it is worse not because it is not updated. These men prefer the older version over the one that is new, and that is completely ok.

Also it is not like the Dofus game does not get updates, we get moderate sized upgrades every a few months (Like new areas and equipment), and like a week a move they released an Osamodas Revamp (that's different to the one on PC), and it is pretty damn great. And for me, it is far more convenient to be able to play with kolos on the bus, on the vehicle, and pretty much everytime I need. That is my opinion tho.

Touch is completely free but you have to play to your mobile. PC You have everything that signature has but more upgraded. You can chose: -mono account server (one/account participant ) -multi account server -multi heroic server ( xp x3, if you die you will not respawn, should you eliminate a pvp you expire, when a player dies you can get his stuff) -multi epic host (same as heroic but xp x1 & without epic pvp) -mono temporis ( one/account participant the host restarts itself after a while ).Touch is quite unpolished in my experience, especially in the event that you know The PC version, and the total amount of content and equilibrium is drastic.

Two complete distinct versions of the Dofus game. One is BASED on the edition of 2012-2013 while the other (PC) is becoming upgrades every couple of months. Major differences in PC: Spell points no longer exists, characteristic points free reset, new zones, new quests, new Dofus (eggs), more things, more articles, abilities form, a few revamps, and that I think new category (elio), ceaseless dreams, pets revamp.In Mobile, there are a few content (such as those mini-dungeons). TBH Dofus touch looks like a minor form of the real Dofus.Makes sense that they'd allow it to be smaller, it's for mobile after all. Mobile users do not have ssd.

It is not that it is smaller, but lacking of patches. Point reset won't make it bigger. Revamp & spell variants won't increase that the memory required. Without including a single Mb some patches could be implemented buy Kamas Dofus Retro. As for that"little" game in your pocket, try downloading the whole map so u won't have to download every single time you visit a new map. Surprise, a GB appeared. So, the debate of"ought to be small" can not be implemented here. It isn't a 3Mb game in the end.

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